Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


We choose only the best greek olives to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Traditional methods and high tech extraction yield optimum product quality.

Perfected over generations.

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Kaufen Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic 500ml


The healthy choice

Fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oil is one of the world's healthiest foods. Olive oils crafted with care are packed with antioxidants and phenolic compounds that are proven to help reduce and prevent diseases.

What makes our oil special

  • Location

    Our family has traditionally produced the olive oil for personal consumption from our ancient olive grove for generations.

    The little village in the Kalamata region in Southern Greece offers the ideal climate nestled perfectly between the sea and the mountains.

    Kalamata and it's world renowned "Kalamata Olives" is a Protected Designation of Origin Region where the exceptional quality olives and olive oil produced are protected with this seal by the EU.

  • Olive trees

    The very old olive trees have been around for many generations. Purely organic, no pesticides or chemicals are or will be used.

    Only fresh, hand picked olives are selected. Damaged olives or olives that fell on the ground are not collected, therefore only a limited amount of olive oil can be produced per year.

    Only monovarietal Koroneiki olives are chosen for our oil, which are fairly small olives that produce a relatively low yield, but best quality oil.

  • Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The oil is unfiltered and the absence of air and oxygen preserves it's superior quality.

    After the oil has settled, it is bottled by hand in our specially designed beautiful glass bottle.
    Dark tinted glass protects the olive oil from light and preserves the excellent flavour.

    The colour of the fresh oil is a striking green with an aromatic bouquet, well balanced on the palate, with ultra low acidity.


Where can we buy the oil?

Our oil is available in Munich, just contact us and we will get in touch with you. If you order two bottles or more we will gladly personally deliver to your door. For more Information please contact us at

How long can the oil be used?

If stored in the dark tinted bottle with the air tight cap on, the oil will usually last for a year. 

Why is there sediment in the bottle?

Our oil is naturally unfiltered to include all the nutrients and flavours from the Koroneiki olive. Sedimentation through gravity will occur over time. This does not affect the oil quality in any way. If you like your oil clear, simply wait for the settling, if you prefer to include the wholesome goodness of the olives, just shake the bottle before use.

Is the oil available throughout the year?

Harvest of the limited amount of olives is usually in January. The weather plays a crucial role in the amount of olives and oil that can be produced. Since we use only olives from our family olive grove to ensure 100% quality, supply is really limited. Once all the oil is sold out we have to wait for the beginning of next year for the following harvest. 

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